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to keeping Cambodia


- Complete e-mail and internet services
- Comprehensive customer support
- Secure and reliable network

* Our capacity is now 2Mbits

Latest News:

Activate a Prepaid Internet Card (PiC)
Available starting July 1st - PiC $100
PiC $100 gives you 45 hours

Off Peak for PiC : 50% off from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am Everyday

Off Peak for Private and Corporate Users:
   50% off from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am everyday
   50% off from Saturday 12 noon to Monday 7:00 am

Internet Training at Cogetel Online

1. Orientation to the Internet
2. The Advanced Internet Course

Hurry, register now! Certificates of Attendance and Achievement are given upon completion of the course.

Please click here More>>
Corporate News:

Cambodia's Bigpond changes ownership - but keeps same management.
Click here for More>>

Account Security Advice:

There appears to be a growing number of cases of fraudulent use of Internet accounts in Phnom Penh. Often the password has been passed on in good faith, in other cases the password has been extracted from the user's computer. We suggest some simple precautions. Click here for details.

Virus Alert!

W32/Bugbear@MM is rated as MEDIUM RISK FOR HOME AND CORPORATE USERS. This mass-mailing worm attempts to send itself to email addresses found on an infected system.
Once the virus is run, it will attempt to disable various security products, including many forms of anti-virus and personal firewall protection. It will also attempt to install a backdoor trojan that can capture what the user types, including sensitive information such as passwords.

Please keep your Virus scanner updated, Click here for more information.

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Address: #56, Norodom Blvd, Phnom Penh | Tel:(855) 23-430000; Fax:(855) 23-430001