Pursuant to the request of the National Treasury Chief;

It is hereby decided:

 Article 1:

There shall be only one National Treasury. A current account shall be formed daily through funds transfer from the reserved fund accounts in order to accept revenue deposits and make disbursements.

Article 2:

Depending on the needs of the National Treasury, a Current Treasury Fund shall have one or several vaults which keys are kept by the Treasury Fund Department Chief.

Article 3:

The Treasury Fund Department Chief and the National Treasury Chief shall take strict measures to maintain security of the treasuries.

Article 4:

Revenues and disbursements from the current treasury fund shall be deposited into the reserved fund daily.

Article 5:

The responsibilities of the reserved fund are to provide funds when there are deficits in the current fund accounts.

Article 6:

The reserved fund shall be in the underground vaults under the control of the Treasury Fund Department Chief and the National Treasury Chief. Both shall be present during withdrawals or deposits into the reserved fund vault.

Article 7:

The underground vault(s) of the reserved fund shall be locked or unlocked by at least two keys, one in the possession of the Treasury Fund Department Chief and the other in the possession of the National Treasury Chief. Under any circumstances, can any one of them allow to possess both keys.

Article 8:

Each key shall be kept in the safe of the respective chief.

Article 9:

Only two keys shall be issued. The second key and the secret numbers of the underground vault(s) shall be in a sealed envelop and kept in the vault at the Phnom Penh National Treasury under the control of the National Treasury Chief.

Article 10:

The Department Chief, the Department General Chief, the Chief of the National Treasury, the Chiefs of provincial and municipal treasuries, and the Chiefs of other relevant units shall implement this Declaration from the date of its signature.

Article 11:

This Prakas shall be effective from January 1, 1994.


Senior Minister

Minister of Economy and Finance

Sam Rainsy