No. 05 GnRk-bk

The Royal Government

On the request of the Minister of Commerce

As agreed by the Council of Minister meeting dated 28 November 1997.


Article 1 :

Established the interministerial committee for coordinating all activities of official inspection that related to the field (domain) of quality and safety of products and services in order to protect consumers and loyalty to the business.

Article 2 : The components of the committee include :

  1. The Minister of Commerce is the President
  2. The Minister of Industry Mine and Energy is the vice president
  3. The Director of department of Trade Finances Bank of the cabinet of the Council of Minister is the member
  4. Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries is the member.
  5. Representative of the Ministry of Health is the member
  6. Representative of the Ministry of Environment is the member
  7. Representative of the Ministry of Economy & Finance is the member
  8. Representative of the Ministry of Interior is the member

 If it is necessary, representative from others ministries should be invited to participate in the task of the committee (for) the affairs related to the competence of the ministries.

The president has the right to invite also experts (officials) of the field (domain) related to participate.

Article 3 :

The committee shall have a permanent secretariat led by one secretary and four under-secretaries to be assistants for a period of 2 years that can be renewable. The 5 officials shall be designated by institutional members of the committee. The permanent secretariat is located at the Cambodia Import Export Inspection and Fraud Repression Division (CAMCONTROL) of the Ministry of Commerce and has duty to facilitate all affairs of the Committee.

Article 4 :

The committee has duty of preparing to submit to the minister of ministries' members to examine :

  1. The draft enhancing the division of tasks between ministries in fields defined (specified) above and coordinating activities of different departments and inspection institutions.
  2. Propose of national policy on quality and safety of products and services protecting consumers and loyalty to business.
  3. Within the two joined duties as specified above, the committee has the clear jobs as follow :

The Committee is responsible for other duties given by the Royal Government.

Article 5 :

The Committee can organize a permanent Task Force (team) or temporary divers to be in charge of studying specific cases.

The President of the Committee can ask ministries related to the jobs of the Task Force for nominating experts of ministries to participate in these jobs.

Experts specified in the last paragraph of article 2 of this Anukret can participate to be members of the Task Force.

Task Force shall write a report of their job to submit to the Committee and only the Committee may make a decision.

Article 6 :

With in the limit of one's duties the Committee can debate topics requested by the government, by the relevant ministers, by the president or member of the Committee.

The President sets an agenda by giving priority to the proposals of the government.

Article 7 :

Procedures (codes of conduct) of the Committee determined (defined) by internal regulation.

Article 8 :

Regulations that are contrary to this Anukret shall hereby be regarded as repealed.

Article 9 :

The Minister of Commerce and Ministers of relevant ministries are responsible for implementing effectively this Anukret according to their duties.

Article 10 :

This Anukret shall come into effect as of the date of its signing.


Phnom Penh, 03 February 1998-01-27

First Prime Minister

Ung Hout

Second Prime Minister

Hun Sen

Minister of Commerce

Cham Prasidh