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Who are we?

Telstra BigPond - Cambodia officially opened its doors on June 1, 1997. Since that time we have given to our customers: complete internet and email services, comprehensive customer service and a reliable network.

"Keeping Cambodia Well-Connected"has been our underlying theme of all the developments that have been taking place at BigPond though the years. Thus, we have upgraded and updated so that we can best serve our customers.

We are proud to note that from a society of non-internet and non email users four years ago, people in Cambodia are now very much aware of what the internet can bring them. They are more up to date with their information and their communication channels are now so structured that ideas and information are shared in seconds. Indeed we can see this increased interest as we look at our customer growth through the years.

Be well connected. Come and visit us at BigPond and we will tell and show you how.

Speech delivered by So Marina, BigPond's General Manager at the IT Awareness Seminar at Intercontinental Hotel on September 13, 2001:

Telstra BigPond: Keeping Cambodia Well-Connected and E-Ready
For the past fours years Telstra Bigpond Cambodia has been providing comprehensive internet services in Cambodia. Being one of the pioneers in Cambodia, BigPond's experience can be considered most insightful, rewarding and interesting. Our network now provides services to more than four thousand Cambodians, who before 1997 did not even know what Internet was.

With the establishment of the Telstra BigPond Internet Services, the boundless information and resources of the Internet has been made available to the people of Cambodia. Similarly this gives the people of Cambodia (including teachers, students government employers, business men) voice in the world and allows Cambodian businesses to go into the newly emerging arena of electronic commerce (e-commerce).

Telstra BigPond Cambodia is now offering a full internet service network based on a server farm located in Phnom Penh and in Siem Reap. Currently our International connectivity is 1.5Mbit satellite link. Our services include email and internet, which are now familiar to some people in Cambodia, as well as access to the World Wide Web which is an easy-to-navigate information facility offering well in excess of 1 billion pages of information. This covers a broad spectrum of topics including education, science, health, technologies and engineering as well as numerous recreational sites. We also provide access via a local server to the many thousands of Internet Newsgroups, which provide a mechanism for the discussion of special interest topics covering almost every conceivable subject from archeology to zoology. It is hoped that the availability of the Internet News service in Cambodia will promote the establishment of Khmer-specific discussion groups. Bigpond web site features "Cambodia Talk" which allows people to discuss with others, a wide range of topics, to find friends and simply share ideas or information about Cambodia. BigPond website also provides "Cambodian Search" which acts like a search engine for companies and NGOs in Cambodia.

Telstra BigPond is committed to keeping Cambodia well connected as it plans for the expansion of its services and as it explores ways to best serve its subscribers. Telstra BigPond has established itself in the IT world of Cambodia. As long as there is an environment that provides for fair competition, impartial and consistent implementation of laws and policies, and positive "DevelopCambodia" outlook among the concerned organizations, BigPond will be here to stay.

With this seminar, more Cambodians will be more aware of what the e-commerce has to offer. Our experience with customer growth for the past four years show that Cambodians quite easily catch on to developments once they are suitably oriented and trained. With the availability of information, technology and people expertise, there is no doubt Cambodians can and will be ready for the future.

BigPond certainly will play a big role in making Cambodians e-ready. We have the network, the people and the commitment to do so.