About CARAM Cambodia?

  Who is CARAM Cambodia?
  CARAM Cambodia is implemented by CARE International in Cambodia (funding from the Dutch Government), which has joined a regional coordinated action research project with links to other CARAM member organizations in the countries of Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Bangladesh (Please refer to the CARAM Regional Partners page for addresses). CARAM's headquarters (secretariat) is in Malaysia, while Vrije University Amsterdam provides technical training and support for the regional CARAM grouping. You may also go the CARAM Asia Homepage.



  What Does CARAM Cambodia do?
  CARAM Cambodia has identified two large migrant groups to research, garment workers and sex workers in and around Phnom Penh. Alongside the research, CARAM Cambodia is collaborating with other migrants preparing to work abroad by developing a pre-departure training program with support from both private organizations and public institutions. CARAM Cambodia plans to strengthen awareness of migrants in Cambodian society through increased networking and promotion of migrant issues.

Advocacy is a big part of CARAM's work. There is a strong need to bring improved changes in laws, services, and perception and attitude for migrants, which will lower their risk to STDs/HIV/AIDS. The following is an overview of CARAM Cambodia's activities:

Participatory Research with Migrants (Which will lead to program design, testing and implementation)

*  Useful Networking (Please refer to CARAM Project Activities )

*  STD/HIV/AIDS Pre-departure Program (Please refer to CARAM Project Activities )

*  Advocacy to bring positive changes


Useful Networking and Advocacy               

CARAM Cambodia Migrant National Day



Picture 1 / Dr. Phalla from the NAP giving a general over-view of the current HIV/AIDS situation in Cambodia


Cambodia is caught in one of the fastest growing HIV/AIDS epidemics in Asia. According to the 1998 HIV seroprevalence rate released by the National AIDS Program, 60 percent of sex workers and 4 percent of pregnant women in Phnom Penh are HIV positive. The seroprevalence rates in the provinces are also relatively high with internal and cross-border migration on the rise.

On the 24th of September 1998, CARE International in Cambodia's CARAM(Coordinated Action Research on AIDS and Mobility) Project, which is supported by Vrije University Amsterdam, organized a National Meeting on Migration and STDs/HIV/AIDS. The one-day meeting brought together 74 representatives from both urban and rural organizations and institutions working on the issues of either STDs/HIV/AIDS and/or Migration (there was active participation from six government ministries, and representatives from the Phnom Penh municipality were also present).

The STDs/HIV and Migration Meeting was the first official gathering in Cambodia to focus on migration as a co-factor for the spread of STDs/HIV, and the meeting was a prime opportunity for CARAM Cambodia to present its work. The meeting consisted of presentations and discussions to introduce the STDs/HIV and migration issues that are most relevant in Cambodia as well as organizing participant group work to outline recommendations for future networking and actions.


  Picture 7 / Participant discussion at CARAM National Day in Cambodia
Picture 1 / Mass Media Workshop
CARAM Cambodia is a practical program that attempts to engage all parties involved with STDs/HIV/AIDS and migrants. In 1997, great effort was made to develop strong ties with not only the National AIDS Program of the Ministry of Health, but the influential Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Mines, Industry, and Energy.

CARAM Cambodia is routinely collaborating with other non-government organizations and institutions associated with STDs/HIV/AIDS and/or migrants. In December, CARAM Cambodia co-sponsored a national HIV/AIDS workshop, funded by NOVIB, on Culture and the Mass Media with the National AIDS Program (Picture 2, above). In the coming years, CARAM will continue to work to build productive relationships and increase awareness about migrants in Cambodia and hold more meetings and workshops to build stronger awareness of migrant needs in relations to STDs/HIV/AIDS.


How do I Contact CARAM Cambodia?

Fax (855) 023-426-233 Telephone: (855) 023-218-065
                 (855) 012-847-976
E-mail: caram.cam@bigpond.com.kh

CARAM Cambodia's office is located within CARE International in Cambodia's office premise. You are welcome to visit at:

House 18A, Street 370
Quarter Boeung Keng Kang I
District Chamcar Morn
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Or you can write to us at:

CARAM Project
PO Box 537
Phnom Penh Cambodia

You can also write to:

CARE International in Cambodia
PO Box 537
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel(855) 023-721-115
fax(855) 023-426-233
E-mail: care.cam@bigpond.com.kh

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