Om Radsady Library


Om Radsady Library hosted 3,126 readers in the past year. They consulted our collection of works on management, the trafficking of children, commune council administration, political sciences, social sciences, democracy, human rights as well as novels, the bi-monthly bulletins of the Royal Palace, Truth magazines and local and foreign newspapers.

The Asia Foundation, the Royal Palace, the US Embassy and other institutions regularly provide books, bulletins and newsletters on politics and government, community development, environment, law and justice, general sciences, democracy, human rights, cultural studies, mass communication and learning English.






Program Activities
  Proto-Ombudsman Program
  Project on Local Self-Administration
  Community Information Center Project
  Promotion and Preservation of Human Rights in Rural Cambodia
  American Corner Program
  Khmer Rouge Trial Program
  Prevention of Corrupt Practices Project
  Victim and Witness Protection Standards for the Khmer Rouge Tribunal and Beyond
  Om Radsady Public Library
  Community Satellite Radio Program
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